"We stand before our lives, a soul against oblivion
forever asking "why...?" This upside-down symphony in a
paradox called life... Are hearts immortal? What you
give to love, will never die."
The Spiral Of
HEY! We're under construction once again! The web gremlins have been
busy since Mistress Jenna combined all of her domains into one very pretty
little site. If you find a broken link, please don't hesitate to let me know! I
just got tired of the same old ugly graphics and needed something more
visually appealing. Enjoy the site and check back often! It's very exciting!
Welcome to my personal domain, it is  essentially a crossover in my interests of various fields of science, RPG's and life in general,
The  characters I’m playing in various PBEM , Tabletop and Online games..   All information on this website is the development of
the website Author, Jenna Morningshadow.  
Business Sthuff On The Spiral.... This is really copyrighted and trademarked by me (And I have the documents to prove it!) Be good
little monsters and ask before linking/stealing/whatever. I'm particularly rabid about the husband's artwork and will follow that up
leagally. Ye have been warned!
Graphics sthuff.... If the information, graphics, clipart, etc, presented here is in any way infringing those rights, please contact me
and they will be promptly  removed.Most of the graphics on the site have been purchases and the sounds/immages are public
Game Sthuff... No claims to the authorship of any of the Rules or terms from of any of these game systems is inferred or claimed in
any way, shape, or form, unless especially noted.  This is mostly a fan site that is simply in existence to present information I’ve
written using these systems, and is not meant to infringe on any copyrights.    Links to promote my favorite games are an attempt
to show my intent to help and not injure these game companies, their trademarks, or their copyrights.
Any similarity between the characters I’ve developed and real persons, living or dead, should be considered a stretch of logic to the
extreme, as most of these characters have fictitious powers that do not in reality exist, or at least do not exist in but a fraction of the
levels that are presented here.  Come on – Be for real…